Association of Rugby League

The USARL Inc. aims to organize and foster Rugby League via transparent, accountable and equitable participation at all levels for males and females throughout the USA.

As the NGB its primary objective, via a democratic and transparent philosophy, is to provide strategy, set policy and distribute funds in the nationwide administration, conduct and development of the game across America.

The USARL Inc. Board of Directors accept responsibility for constructing policy and providing resources for the development of strategies and plans for operations, finance, communication, legal, marketing and promotion and public relations for competition expansion, elite player development, national team performance, high school and college activities, coach, referee and volunteer education and training.

The development of these strategies and plans will define the USARL’s core business and direction, in making decisions on allocating resources to pursue specific strategies and tasks, including its capital and people. Formulating, implementing, evaluating and adjusting these strategies and plans will be necessary to stay on track with:

  • Superior organizational best practice developing organizational stamina.

  • Identifying and stimulating key stakeholders in sport, educational, institutions and the community.

  • Financial Stability.

  • Overall sustainability.

Association. Membership. Participation

The USARL Inc. aim is to provide a safe and motivating environment for participation by children, youth and adults, male and female and the disabled. With our vision, mission and values, the USARL aims to deliver its participants of all ages, a unique and highly rewarding sport culture and safe envirnoment to learn and grow.

The USARL has the ability to conduct adult, professional, semi-professional and amateur competitions and Rugby League activities across the USA. Development of the sport is conducted in community based clubs, elementary schools, high schools, colleges and the greater community, where and when possible.

Financial stability is sought from participants, members, supporters, sponsorship and grants. The USARL forecasts that income will offset the expenditure of operating budgets, with development programs providing minimum surplus.

Information about Rugby League and the USARL’s activities can be found on this website with all participating members, clubs and associated organizations, including distribution of business and media information to the global Rugby League community.


Become part of the Association

The USARL Inc. is currently still accepting applications for clubs and leagues to join for the 2023 season. Prospective organizations should complete the appropriate form(s):

2023 USARL Club Application

2023 USARL League Application