Become a USARL Referee


Seeking Rugby League Referees and Side Judges (Touch Judges) for SOUTH USA.

The Southern Conference of the USA Rugby League is seeking anyone who is, or has an interest in becoming, a certified Game Official for the sport of Rugby League. (The 13 man code of Rugby). This may include Ex-patriots from Rugby League nations who wish to become involved in the sport here in the Southern USA, or Cross-over officials from domestic sports who are looking to be involved from the Officiating side.

Officials are paid a game fee, plus mileage allowance, and hotel accommodation is provided if needed due to distance and time of game.

Referees are paid $95 per game, Side Judges $40, and Side Judges in Training ($25), per game. (Plus mileage based on your home to game location)

The Conference is seeking anyone with Rugby League experience, or those who are familiar with officiating similar sports (Rugby Union, Touch Rugby, Soccer, etc.) that have an interest in helping develop the sport across Georgia and Florida.

Ideally candidates will be located in or near:

  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Jacksonville, Florida
  • Tampa, Florida
  • Fort Meyers, Florida

The USA Rugby League Competiton season runs from Mid May, until the end of August. All games are played in Saturday afternoons/evening, depending on game location and consideration of team travel. Each year an international calendar provides the opportunity for USARL referees to officate Rugby League Test International games.

For more information, please contact Cody Kuxman (This email has been obfuscated.)