South defeats North 38-32 in USARL All-Star Game

TAMPA, FL – The USA Rugby League (USARL) South Conference squad defeated the North 38 to 32 in the All-Star Game, played Saturday, 22 October, on the grounds of Tampa Catholic High School in Tampa, FL..
South defeats North 38-32 in USARL All-Star Game

The contest, which featured top-level USARL players from across the country, included a number of lead changes prior to the South pulling away in the second half.  In the match-up, the South wore red jerseys, while the North sported blue ones.

South scores first, but North takes halftime lead

Nick Newlin, captain for the South squad, scored the game’s opening points, securing a try just five minutes into the game.  However, Jonathan Halter missed the conversion kick, keeping the South’s lead at 4 to 0.  Three minutes later, Brett Witte scored the South’s second try.  After Halter’s successful conversion kick, the South took a 10 to 0 lead over the North.

However, twelve minutes into the game, Tyler Elkins answered for the North side.  After (Captain) Matt Walsh’s successful kick, the South’s advantage was cut to four points.  Ten minutes later, Matt Walsh scored the North’s second try and conversion, giving the side a 12 to 10 lead over the South.  The South’s Oche Armstrong scored a try 25 minutes into the game.  After the successful conversion kick by Halter, the South regained the advantage, leading the North 16-12.

Just before halftime, the North tacked on two more unconverted tries.  With three minutes left in the first half, Alex Foster scored a try, tying his side back up with the South 16-16.  As the final moments of time ticked away going into halftime, Sterling Wynn secured one more try for the North, giving his side a 20-16 lead going into halftime.

The South rises again to finish with the win

Just four minutes into the second half, Joe Eichner scored an unconverted try for the South squad to tie the game up 20 to 20.  Six minutes later, Newlin and Halter combined a try and a conversion to give the South side a 26 to 20 lead over the North.  Then, seventeen minutes into the second half, Gunnar Johnson scored a try for the North team.  After Walsh’s successful conversion kick, the North had tied the game at 26.

However, the South squad was far from through with scoring for the day.  Twenty-two minutes into the second half, Hiko Malu, the Man of the Match for the South side, scored his first try of the day.  After Halter’s conversion kick, the South took a six point advantage over the North.  With just seven minutes left in the game, Jonathan St. John scored his first try of the game.  Halter again successfully converted the try, giving the South a 38-26 over the North.

Nevertheless, the North side would score once more just before full time.  Tyler Hawkins scored a try, with Matt Walsh successfully kicking the conversion.  At the end of regulation, the South had risen again to finish with the win, 38 to 32.

SOUTH Trys: Nick Newlin (2), Brett Witte, Oche Armstrong, Joe Eichner, Hiko Malu, Jon St. John. Goals: Jon Halter 5/6, Joe Eichner 0/1
MVP: Hiko Malu

NORTH Trys: Ty Elkins (2), Matt Walsh, Alex Foster, Sterling Wynn, Gunnar Johnson
Goals: Matt Walsh 4/6
MVP: Chris Frazier

Broadcast in the UK on Premier Sports October 31.

Due to the game being broadcast in the UK via Premier Sports on October 31, the YouTube production will publish for On-demand viewing on November 1.