Tampa signs Australia halfback Jay Kissick

Moving into the 2016 season Tampa are ecstatic to announce the signing of 21 year old australian half-back Jay Kissick.
Tampa signs Australia halfback Jay Kissick
Tampa Mayhem > We caught up with Jay upon arrival to ask him some questions.
Hi Jay welcome, what interested you about coming to the states to play with the Mayhem?
“A couple of my mates Payney and Foley had told me how good of an experience it was to go and play and live there.   When Payney asked me to go I didn’t want to miss the opportunity of a new life experience and something different to living and playing in Australia.”
What got you into Rugby League growing up?
“My dad loved watching Rugby League and I grew up watching it. He first bought me a football and I played my first game on my 5th birthday I just liked everything about it”
What’s your proudest accomplishment in Rugby League?
“It’s hard to narrow it down to one. Winning a grand final was up there and I went on a tour of England playing Rugby League.  I played for Cronulla Sharks in the junior ranks; they’re all up there with the top highlights”
You mention the Sharks; how did that come about?
“I used to referee and a man that was a part of sharks asked me if I wanted to try my luck there.  I got selected after the trial”
Who had the biggest influence on your playing career?
“Watching the game it was Andrew johns but away from it my parents. My dad got me into it and he would always take me to and from games and training growing up until I got my license.  Cronulla was a one and a half hour trip there then we would train for two hours then it was another hour and a half drive home and my dad would do that 3 times a week!”
That’s awesome, how did things finish up at Cronulla? Where did you go from there?
“I ended up playing football for the central coast, and then I went on the tour of England.  We played three county rep teams over there and then from those teams they picked their best team and we ended up winning all four games. While we were there we went sightseeing to big land marks of the country and did a few tours.”
What’s your pregame routine? Any superstitions?
“Not really any superstitions, I don’t mind just putting my head phones in and keeping to myself and having a little dance!”
If you had to pick a favourite food what would it be?
“Definitely chocolate!“
Favourite passtime?
“…Tough one but probably just listening to music and hanging with my mates.”
Lastly what do you hope to achieve at the Mayhem over the next three to four months?
“My goal is to make the most of my experience; some people don’t get the opportunity to travel and go overseas. As well as winning the competition, Payney said the boys went close last year and that we are a good chance of taking it out this year so I couldn’t imagine anything much better than making the trip successful by winning the comp.”