Travis McGuigan looking to ignite NOVA's 2016 season

The Northern Virginia Eagles have secured the services of a National Rugby League (NRL) accredited coach for the 2016 season.
Travis McGuigan looking to ignite NOVA's 2016 season

Travis McGuigan has a very extensive rugby league background as a player, strength & conditioning coach/trainer, as well as head coach at a number of teams in Australia. He also has a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching.

Travis has more than 23 years combined experience (13 years as a player; 10 years as a coach). Working with both the Burleigh Bears and Umina Beach Bunnies organizations, he has had great success in taking teams into playoffs, and winning championships. He is looking to bring that winning pedigree to the Eagles.

His coaching philosophy “comes from my passion from the many sports I have played. My objective as a coach is to coach all individuals, the correct skills required to perform at any level whether it is amateur or professional, physical or mental. Also, I encourage the off field skills that remain with them throughout their lives by incorporating what the individual learns from in-games skills. I have come to the realization of sport that there has to be a balance of life skills with each individual not just specific skill in sport. The most important factor with today's sport is enthusiasm and attitude, which provides more enjoyment and efforts in the sporting field chosen. In conclusion, coaching is about a relationship, not just about techniques, it is about trust, integrity and honesty, not just about easy directives.

Coaching is about the athlete’s needs and wants, not about forwarding the coach's agenda, it is about creative exploration of possibilities, not structuring predetermined systems and pathways, it is about refinement, detailed communication, not blanket, quick homilies and tips. Coaching is about creating a big vision, not just about fixing problems and is about evolution and expansion, not just day to day managing.”

The whole Eagles family would like to welcome Travis and are looking forward to him continuing to increase the level of performance that has been on a steady rise for the Eagles. We also recognize Travis for his commitment to helping grow rugby league in the US. He is taking the time away from his family and current coaching opportunities, and we will ensure that his time in the US is as positive as possible both for him and the development of Rugby League.

The Northern Virginia Eagles kickoff their season against the Delaware Black Foxes on June 4 - 4pm at Grizzly Sports Complex.