Neilson Named as Hawks’ Team Manager

The USA Hawks have named their new team manager for the upcoming international season.
Neilson Named as Hawks’ Team Manager

Tampa Mayhem Owner/CEO Billy Neilson has been chosen for the role by Hawks head coach Sean Rutgerson.

While it will be Neilson’s first time managing the national team, he believes his overall rugby background and experience will be a big plus.

“Over the last 17 years between my League, 7's and Union I have done just about everything,” he said.

Neilson says his job will be mostly logistics so that coach Rutgerson and Hawks assistant coach Brent Richardson will be freed up to focus their energies on players, game plans and strategies.

“My main focus will be to make sure Rutcho and Brent have nothing to worry about except the actual play on the field.”

He feels that his experience as the Owner/CEO of the Tampa club in particular will be a benefit in his new role.

“It was basically my resume to get the job for the Hawks. I manage most of the logistics for the Mayhem. Vans, hotels, player eligibility, kits, trainers, videographer, refs, practice fields, etc. It will be a lot of the same, just in different locations.”

And Neilson isn’t wasting any time getting started as the team manager saying he has a couple of immediate priorities on his to-do list.

“The main thing I want to do is reach out and contact the other League Associations to introduce myself and then to start getting things rolling so we can get some games scheduled,” he said.