Joint Statement between the US Association of Rugby League and USA Rugby League LLC.

The US Association of Rugby League Inc. (USARL Inc.) is the National Governing Body (NGB) & International Rugby League (IRL) Member.
Joint Statement between the US Association of Rugby League and USA Rugby League LLC.

The USA Rugby League LLC (USARL  LLC) is a Member of the USARL Inc. and have a united focus to conduct and develop  Rugby League both domestically in the USA and internationally. Both the Inc. and the LLC  have worked together over the past 10 years to ensure the well-being of its member clubs,  coaching staff, players and match officials.  

The USARL Inc., as the NGB, administers and sanctions Rugby League in the USA and  organises the Hawks national team, while the USARL LLC administers the national  competition and, along with the Inc., sanctions, develops and executes the domestic game  at all levels.  

The NGB is recognized by the International Rugby League (IRL) and European Rugby  League Federation (ERL) and conducts Rugby League activities under their governance.  

The IRL has global property rights whereby appointed member regions and nations uphold  requirements in order to conduct Rugby League activities, inclusive of reporting  participation levels of registered competitions and players, satisfactory insurance for the  safety of players staff and spectators, statistics and financial results leading to  transparency of the national operating model.  

Failure for such entities to meet these requirements may result in participating nations and  their players being considered in-eligible for international duties. We encourage all  registered and participating players seek confirmation with their associated club  administrators and officials that they and their club are in compliance. 

The USARL LLC is currently working on the continuation of their domestic national  competition schedule for 2021, and is calling for the registration of players… in the same  way as they have done for the past 10 years. 

The USARL LLC’s National Champion will be crowned on August 28.  

While the efforts to establish a professional Rugby League competition in the US are  admirable and encouraged, the recently announced NARL remains an unsanctioned 

competition in the US at this time. Alongside our common goal of development and  exposure of the game in the USA, the Inc. and LLC ’s critical focus is to ensure player  safety, protection, sustainability and a pathway to international player eligibility.  

The Inc. and the LLC look forward to working with the NARL to continue efforts of inclusion  for all, and expansion of competitions under sanction to enhance our national foot print,  and improve the Hawks performance and presence on the international stage.  

For those seeking more information, please email USARL Inc. Chairman, Peter Illfield, This email has been obfuscated. or USARL LLC Chairman, Danny Hanson, This email has been obfuscated..