USARL Inc. Announces Strategic Appointments to Strengthen Governance and Advance Rugby League in the U.S.

New Leadership Positions Aim to Fulfill International Rugby League Requirements and Enhance Organizational Effectiveness.
USARL Inc. Announces Strategic Appointments to Strengthen Governance and Advance Rugby League in the U.S.

Jacksonville, FL, 5 6.24 – The US Association of Rugby League Inc. (USARL), the national governing body for Rugby League in the United States, today announced significant appointments to its Board of Directors, marking a pivotal step in its governance reform process. The appointments come as part of the requirements set by the International Rugby League (IRL) to enhance governance structures and bolster the sport's growth in the region.

The USARL Board of Directors has approved the appointment of three key positions:

  • Bernie Gurr – Treasurer
  • Dustin Zerrer – Corporate Secretary
  • Matt Goschnick – Chair

These strategic appointments aim to leverage diverse expertise to foster a culture of unity, inclusivity, and innovation within the sport.

Bernie Gurr, former CEO of Sydney Roosters and Parramatta Eels, brings a wealth of experience in sports administration and finance management, crucial for the USARL’s strategic financial planning. Dustin Zerrer, concurrently serving as the Marketing and Media Relations officer, will now also handle the duties of Corporate Secretary, facilitating the flow of information and maintaining sound corporate governance.

Matt Goschnick, stepping up from his role on the board to Chair, expressed his vision for the league: "I view leading the USARL Board as a privilege that comes with significant responsibility. It's an opportunity to shape the future of rugby league in the United States while fostering a culture of unity, inclusivity, innovation, and continuous pursuit of excellence."

"I look forward to working collectively with the Board and our stakeholders in implementing strategic initiatives, expanding grassroots programs, and enhancing the awareness and accessibility of rugby league across America. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead for USARL and the sport of rugby league in the United States," Goschnick added.

Goschnick also acknowledged David Abo, the interim USARL Chair, for his leadership during a crucial transitional phase for the organization. Stating, “David’s contributions have been invaluable in setting the stage for this new chapter in USARL governance, and I thank him for what he was able to accomplish.” David will continue to serve on the USARL Board of Directors.

These appointments follow a rigorous selection process, reflecting USARL’s commitment to transparency and excellence in leadership to meet the growing demands and opportunities within the sport.



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About USARL:

The United States Association of Rugby League Inc. (USARL) is the national governing body of Rugby League in the United States of America, as sanctioned by the International Rugby League (IRL). The USARL is dedicated to promoting and developing the sport of Rugby League at all levels in the USA. The USARL oversees various competitions, including Men, Women, Youth and Wheelchair Rugby League, providing opportunities for players and communities of all ages and abilities to participate and enjoy our great sport. The pinnacle of our sport for the players in the USA is to be selected in the USA Hawks National Rugby League Team. USARL aims to grow Rugby League by maintaining high standards of governance, performance, pathways and education for and with all our stakeholders.