Northern Virginia Eagles

  • Founded: 2011
  • Captain: Bryant Alexander
  • Head Coach: Travis McGuigan
  • Admin: Phil Dorn
  • Venue: Grizzly Sports Complex (NOVA)
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The Northern Virginia Eagles Rugby League Club was founded in 2007 by Steven Grant. Then known as the Fairfax Eagles, they debuted for game play in the AMNRL (American National Rugby League) competition for the 2008 season. Steve lead the team through three seasons; 2008 ending, 3-5 finishing in 6th place and 2009 ending, 5-3; advancing to the playoffs. In 2010 the team ended 2-4, still qualifying for playoffs, but were defeated by the New Haven Warriors in the first round.

On November 26, 2011, the AMNRL announced that the team reformed as the Northern Virginia Eagles, would compete in the 2012 season; under the direction of Christian Seaman, Philip Dorn, and Patrick Robinson; all former members of the Fairfax Eagles. The team played out of Warrenton, Virginia for the 2012 season, with focus on recruiting new players and fielding a team. In 2014, the Eagles joined the USARL as a member club becoming the 11th team in the competition.

Match & Practice Venue: Stonewall Park 8351 Stonewall

For inquiries about joining the Eagles or sponsorship opportunities please contact Phil Dorn at email: This email has been obfuscated.

Northern Virginia Eagles Schedule

Sorry, the Northern Virginia Eagles have not yet released their schedule for 2021.