USA Players

Under the control of the US Association of Rugby League Inc., the national governing body for the sport of Rugby League in the USA (member of both the RLIF and RLEF). The following are athletes on the USA Hawks roster in 2018.  

Player # Caps Position
Bureta Faraimo 11 Wing, Center, H ...
Ryan Burroughs 9 Wing, Centre
Joseph Eichner 8 Back Row, Lock
Kristian Freed 15 Hooker, Fullbac ...
Danny Howard 15 Back Row
Andrew Kneisly 25 Prop, Lock
Corey Makelim 7 Fullback
Nick Newlin 11 Prop, Lock
Mark Offerdahl 18 Front Row, Halfback
Brandon Anderson 2 Centre, Wing
Christoper Fraizer 3 Second Row
Chris Wiggins 2 Prop
Curtis Goddard 1 Prop, Lock
Connor Donehue 2 Hooker, Half
Kyle Grinold Center
David Washington 2 Winger
Sean Hunt 1 Prop, Second Row
Joel Luani 6 Lock, Utility
Kyle Denham 1 Prop, Lock
Jerome Veve 2 Front Row, Back Row
Jamil Robinson 2 Wing, Centre, S ...